Book of the Week: 09/24 - 09/30


POST BLACK: How A New Generation is Redefining African American Identity

By: Ytasha L. Womack

As a young journalist covering black life at large, author Ytasha Womack found herself straddling her culture's rarely acknowledged generation gaps and cultural divides. Traditional images show blacks unified culturally, politically and socially, united by race at venues such as churches and community meetings. But in the "post black" era, individuals do not necessarily define themselves by tradition as much as by personal interest, point of view and lifestyle. Although grateful to generations that have paved the way, many cannot relate to the rhetoric of pundits who speak as ambassadors of black life any more than they see themselves as exaggerated hip-hop images. 



In Post Black: How A Generation Is Redefining African American Identity, Womack takes a fresh look at the dynamics shaping the lives of contemporary African Americans. Combining interviews, opinion of experts and extensive research, Post Black will open the eyes of some, validate the lives of others and provide a realistic picture of the expanding community. 

Synopsis via Laurence Hill Books