incARceraTed: Art Transforming Lives

incARceraTed is a series of events focused on the arts, criminal justice and life transformation. The goal of this series is to engage communities on the stringent issues of criminal justice and capital punishment reform, entrepreneurship and hope. 

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Art, History, and the Criminal Justice System

Keynote remarks from special guest artist, Kenneth Reams. In 1993, Reams, a native of Pine Bluff, became the youngest person sentenced to execution in Arkansas history at the age of 18. Using art, Kenneth literally fights to save his life while creating a new future. His work has received numerous accolades and Reams conducts art exhibits and speaking engagements at institutions and in communities around the world.

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Free Men

Told through the charismatic voice of inmate Kenneth Reams, FREE MEN is a film about human resilience. In solitary confinement for the last 25 years, Kenneth has pushed back the walls of his cell to become a painter, a poet, the founder of a non-profit, and an art event organizer – while fighting at the same time for justice.


Art, Activism, and Systemic Injustice

Join us for a conversation on Art, Activism, and Systemic Injustice with Dr. Brian Gallini, Lawrence Bartley, Dr. Valandra, and special guest Kenneth Reams. Reams has survived decades of imprisonment in complete isolation. Using art he literally fights to save his life while creating a new future.