A Harmonic Community


The chaos and uncertainty facing our modern world may appear overwhelming, especially to
communities already beset by the historic and systemic legacies of racial oppression. Black
communities must take ownership of our future, much the same as during darker days past.
Clearly hate is still a viable opposition, but the same fortitude and internal focus that sustained
our communities through the very worst of our struggles will uphold us in these trying yet
familiar times. We can create the harmonic communities the entire world deems incapable
from our melanated ancestry. We must each find our own note โ€“ your passions are the notes
you play to enhance communal harmony. Know that your contribution is essential to the
growth of the culture. Spend time sharpening and sharing your passion with the community,
without comparing your contribution to others. Your energies are better served enhancing the
community with your contribution, rather than tearing another member down. More valuable
contributions create a richer cultural flavor! By focusing on what you contribute, you inherently
increase the value of the community and your own purpose. When you reach success, take that
light and shine it back on the communities that matter to you. Shine it on those places and
people that may have extended a helping hand, or those whom you may have an opportunity
to help in some way. Building harmonic communities is certainly easier conceived than
achieved, but securing this goal is essential to the survival of our people. We know the forces
battling to decimate black families and destroy black communities, but these ploys are
rendered useless by the love and support we give to our own.