Share Your Wisdom with the World


It’s essential to share the wisdom and experiences you have obtained with the world around with you. You were given a unique set of circumstances that undoubtedly helped define your perspective on life. For others to truly benefit from this wonderful knowledge you’ve accumulated, it is imperative that you trust your testimony... The good, bad and the ugly aspects of life mold us into the people we are today, and help others know that hardships don’t last always. When sharing your wisdom with the world, it is extremely important to always be true to yourself. People will always gravitate toward authenticity. Your gifts, talents and perspectives have been uniquely crafted to provide joy, comfort and support in tough times for those who face similar circumstances. My life can serve testament to the importance of sharing wisdom... I happen to be the eldest of a six-child family, I have the honor of being enrolled at the same time & school as four of my siblings. The wisdom I gained through years at the University helped facilitate a smoother collegiate journey for my siblings than I could have ever imagined. I am also the father of a nearly two-year old daughter who was born 15 weeks earlier than expected and needed many prayers, procedures and much perseverance to overcome the challenges of her early arrival. The experience of premature birth is very dangerous and unsettling for all parents, however it is the wisdom from people who have survived the best and worst of prematurity, which brings comfort to others seeking any form of certainty in an otherwise uncertain situation. When sharing your wisdom, you may encounter tremendous success but remember to accept praise and congratulations with humility. Try not to take criticisms too personally, for they often hold genuine opportunities for self-improvement, so don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Break out of your comfort zone and seek creative ways to share your wisdom with the world!