See It, Before You See It

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See it before you see it, refers to the notion that envisioning a future for oneself is the surest path to success in any and every aspect of life. We must all seek purpose in our lives with great haste, for every moment not engaged with the vision of success if one more opportunity to stray from your correct path. Most of the worldโ€™s highest achieving people envisioned personal success before the rest of the world ever recognized their full potential. Developing and maintaining strategies to accomplish goals should be the next steps toward bringing the vision to reality. Developing successful strategies is essential but maintaining diligence toward perfecting those strategies is key to ensuring prolonged success in any field. Itโ€™s most important that YOU believe in your vision more so than any other person on Earth. No one else will ride as hard or do more to achieve your dreams as you can. When you encounter rejection along your path, donโ€™t take those situations personally. Even when others may not care to see or understand the calling placed on you, they can never stop what is destined you for unless you give them permission, by self-doubt and a lack of commitment to the work of greatness. Remember the vision for your future lies within, for anyone else to see the greatness in you, you must first see it in yourself!