WELCOME to the official GetOutYoFeelinz Blogspot! We at Visionairi Enterprises are very excited to bring you poignant and relevant content regarding all things black history & culture! The GetOutYoFeelinz blog is the written sibling of the GetOutYoFeelinz vlog, which will be featured in each episode of the ‘Its Black Its Lit’ webshow. GetOutYoFeelinz will promote reflective emotion, especially among black males who are socially conditioned to fit an apathetic typecast. This lack of emotion is dangerous due to its correlation with the black man as savage or inhumane, offering further opportunity for the extermination plans we currently face. This introductory post will orient our guest to the GetOutYoFeelinz blog but also explain the format and purpose of the ‘Its Black Its Lit’ webshow. Each episode will begin with a brief but substantive discussion with leading and future black intellectuals, artists and entrepreneurs to offer a platform where black excellence can be showcased and supported by our own communities. The show is also designed to encourage reading and life literacies by demonstrating personal success stories for young minds to emulate. The GetOutYoFeelinz vlog will follow guest interviews and be accompanied by a ‘Word of the Day.’ It is our hope to offer a variety of thought provoking and edu-taining content on the Visionairi platforms. We are proud to preserve and disseminate positive black culture and to stand against the many assaults which seek to corrupt the unity of our communities. Please feel welcome to peruse all our pages and we certainly hope to hear from you! We look forward to learning and collaborating with you…tell us why you love black culture, what original programing you want to see and how we can continue to spread love of self and heritage!