Diversity in Higher Education


When discussing diversity at institutions of higher learning, especially predominantly white institutions (PWI), it is interesting to note that ‘diversity’ oftentimes is treated as a taboo subject relegated to the concerns of black and other minority students. In fact, diversity is far more than simply the politically correct way to discuss race and ethnicity. Diversity encompasses race, but also can be reflected by gender, geography, sexual orientation, education, socioeconomic status, developmental disabilities and solely in ideas...

Diversity, when fully embraced, epitomizes the goals of higher education curriculums by assembling the wisdom and experience of intelligent individuals in the faculty and administration, with the vigor and enthusiasm of students seeking to excel academically and socially. Diversity brings together all types of divergent perspectives to create richer learning experiences for both students and faculty alike.

Also, diversity in faculty and staff is an essential component for a truly engaging and inclusive campus. Employing faculty that reflect the demographics of the student body will help to ease the social anxieties of college and create positive and tolerant learning environments for all members of the institution. When choosing a place to spend the best years of your life, factor diversity into your preferred campus choices... If your campus is comprised mainly of one group or type of people, what life lessons and experiences are you missing by not exposing yourself to new people, places and ideas? Is that campus truly worth attending if there isn’t an institutional commitment to diversity in both the student and faculty populous? A Visionairi mind can listen to and empathize with differing perspectives, after all a life with no diversity is like eating only baked chicken, with no seasoning, every day forever… I’m already cringing at that thought. Commit to advocacy for diversity in higher education!